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Good Morning, Hunger  until 5pm                                                         

Mushroom, Spinach and Feta Omelette (v) | 16.5

three egg omelette  filled with mushrooms  & feta cheese, dressed with olive oil


for one | 29.0         for two | 55.0         for four | 105.0


LIMON Eggs Benedict | 16.5

our take on this classic - poached eggs nestled in wilted spinach with crispy double bacon on fresh Turkish bread, dressed with hollandaise

with double smoked salmon | add 1.0     with grilled chorizo sausage | add 2.0


Vegetarian Breakfast  (v) | 17.5

two eggs any style with grilled tomatoes, roast potatoes, wilted spinach, feta cheese, and mushrooms


Grandma’s Big Breakfast   | 19.5

two eggs any style, crispy double bacon, chorizo sausages, tomatorock potatoes, mushrooms, and warm Mediterranean bread

Tapas / Mezze  / Entree                                           

Bread and Dips | 11.5

selection of house breads, hummus, sundried tomato dip, and olive oil


Turkish Bread  | 8.5

with parsley, garlic butter, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar


Patatas  Bravas (v) | 9.5

pan-fried crispy herbed agria potatoes served with sherry tomato saucand chilli aioli


Albondigas  | 12.5

herbed beef meatballs with a hint of spice served with sherry roast tomato

sauce and natural yoghurt


Tomato Bread  (v) | 9.5

from the oven with garlic butter, fresh tomato,  paprika infused olive oil, and feta cheese


Spanish Paella Arancini (v) | 12.5

Arborio rice cooked w Spanish herbs and fresh seasonal vege, filled with mozzarella cheese and served with herbed aioli


Cigar Ground Beef Borek  | 13.5

ground beef rolled in homemade  pastry with hummus  and tomato salsa


Chorizo and Mushroom  | 14.5

cooked in sherry sauce and served with Mediterranean bread


Gambas al Ajillo | 18.5

garlic prawns poached in garlic butter, bell pepper, parsley and chilli, served with garlic olive oil croutons


Calamares a la Romana  | 17.5

polenta crispy calamari with pineapple salsa, leaf salad, lemon, and aioli


Roasted Pimentón  | 15.5

mini chicken drums served with coleslaw and peri peri sauce


Tagine Prawn and Scallops  | 19.5

cooked with tomatoes, garlic butter,  chilli, mushroom, fresh capsicum and mozzarella, finished in oven and served with pide bread



Tapas / Mezze / Entree

Escalivada con Anchoas | 16.5

roasted red pepper, aubergine, and fried anchovies served with vine tomatoes sauce and crusty bread


Marinated Olives | 9.0

mix of green and black olives marinated with orange, bay leaves, and roasted red pepper


Almendras al Pimenton  | 10.0

roasted almonds with Spanish smoked paprika


Stuffed Dates with Serrano Ham | 14.5

Limon special Mediterranean dates wrapped in Serrano ham


Alcachofas al Ajillo | 16.5

pan-fried artichoke with garlic sauce, served with bread


NZ Ground Lamb Empanadas   | 16.5

fried pastry stuffed with lamb mince, fresh herbs, and seasonal vegetables, served with fruit chutney and mint lamb jus

Mouth-watering fried Brie Cheese  | 15.5

served with green salad and fruit chutney


Crumbed Queen Scallops  | 18.5

golden kumara crumbed queen scallops served with Israeli cous cous and plum sauce


Shrimp Cocktail  | 18.5

peeled prawns marinated in chef special sauce, served with coleslaw and lemon



Paellas with Love                           

Vegetarian Paella  | 24.5

green beans, red peppers, seasonal vegetables, Spanish onion, and garlic poached in paella rice


Paella Valencia  | 29.0

boneless chicken morsels, chorizo, squid, clams, mussels, peeled prawns, green beans, red peppers, and garlic poached in paella rice


Seafood Paella for two | 65.0

peeled prawns, squid, mussels, clams, scallops, shrimps, green beans, red peppers, and garlic poached in paella rice then served in a huge paella pan


Ultimate Paella for two | 75.0

chicken, Spanish chorizo, peeled prawns, market fish, squid, mussels, clams, shrimps, scallops, green beans, Spanish onion, red peppers, and garlic poached in paella rice then served in huge paella pan


Squid ink Paella for two |  85.0

whole tiger prawns, squid, mussels, shrimps, green beans, red peppers, Spanish onion, and garlic poached in paella rice then served in huge paella pan


Wild Rabbit Meat Paella for two | 95.0


Only for You / Mains

Moroccan  Lamb Shank (g) | 24.5

slow cooked and served with creamy garlic potato mash,

and mint & sherry wine jus                      add extra shank  |  $10


Chargrilled Fillet Mignon (gf) | 38.5

wrapped with NZ free-range streaky bacon, served with whole tiger prawn, garlic beetroot mash, and beetroot butter then finished with

port & blue cheese sauce


Fish & Chips  | 22.5

cider-battered  fresh fish served with fries, lemon chilli tartar sauce, and green salad (please ask waitstaff for catch of the day)


Crusty Hapuka  | 36.5

pan-fried deep sea hapuka served with kumara mash and roasted herbed vegetables, scallop salsa de verde, and lemon butter

wild rabbit leg meat, boneless chicken, Spanish chorizo, Spanish onion, green beans, red peppers, and garlic poached in paella rice then served in a huge paella pan


Lamb Skewers  | 29.5

marinated  with chermoula  spice then skewered  and chargrilled, served with pilaf rice, green salad, cumin spiced hummus,  garlic yogurt, and homemade bread


Chicken Rollard (gf) | 29.5

pan-fried free-range chicken breast filled with feta, spinach, roasted capsicum, and sundried tomato served with tangy plum sauce and garden salad


Limon Special Spinach Gnocchi (v) | 26.5

fresh homemade  gnocchi with vine tomato and creamy basil pesto sauce


Baked Stuffed  Capsicum  (gf, v)  | 28.5

filled with onions, tomato, pine nuts and rice then slow cooked until melting, served with green salad, natural yoghurt, and sherry tomato salsa


Roasted Greek Aubergine (v) | 29.5

filled with vine tomato, pickled onion, green beans, and mozzarella, served with fresh basil pesto, quinoa salad, and tomato pickle relish, finished with garlic yoghurt


Lamb Racks (gf) | 32.5

marinated with Mediterranean herbs and spices, served with pearl cous cous green salad and reduced red vine jus


Fresh & Green / Salads

Greek Salad (v) | 18.5

cucumber, red onion, tomato, olives, feta cheese, dried parsley, fresh bell pepper, and extra virgin olive oil


Citrus Chargrilled Chicken and Prawn Salad  | 21.5

fresh tomato, cucumber, red onions, green salad, and extra virgin olive oil


Grilled Haloumi and Whole Tiger Prawn Salad  | 22.5

quinoa, garden salad, garlic yoghurt, and tomato  relish


Warm Beef Salad  | 23.5

rock potatoes, walnuts, roasted red onion, green beans, salad greens, and garlic aioli



Side Dishes    All 8.5                            

fries |  potato wedges  |  green salad |  roast vegetables |  feta cheese kalamata olives  |  dolmades  |  feta filled cherry peppers



Love to Share / Platters

Antipasto Platter

orange salsa, blue cheese, grilled haloumi cheese, fried brie cheese, mild salami, prosciutto, biscuits, mini toast, basil pesto, and black elephant garlic gel

Mezze Platter (v)

dolmades, hummus, sun-dried tomato dip, Mediterranean cous cous salad, falafel, vegetarian borek, tomato  salsa, garlic yoghurt, kalamata olives, feta, and Mediterranean bread

for one | 27.5         for two | 49.0        for four | 95.0

Tapas Platter

Chef’s generous selection of smoked  paprika, roasted almonds, grilled Chorizo, feta-filled red cherry peppers, cigar beef borek, crispy calamari, whole garlic tiger prawns, mini chicken drums, Spanish salami, chilli aioli, green salad, and Mediterranean Bread

for two | 55.0         for four | 105.0       for six | 155.0

Spanish & Mediterranean  Seafood Platter

Chef’s generous selection of peeled prawns, scallops, green lip mussels, smoked  salmon, market  fish, calamari, green salad, aioli, and pide bread

for two | 69.0        for four | 135.0       for six | 200.0

Limon House Special Boss’s Platter

marinated chicken breast, marinated lamb cutlet, Moroccan lamb shank, crispy calamari, lemon garlic tiger prawn, pilaf rice, green salad, aioli, garlic yogurt, and pide bread

for two | 79.0         for four | 149.0       for six | 219.0



Something Sweet / Desserts                                   

Homemade  Baklava Rich | 13.5

rich, sweet layers of filo pastry filled with almond and walnut, served with honey and ice cream


Baileys Chocolate Trio Mousse  | 13.5

served with ice-cream and chocolate sauce


Malibu Coconut Panna Cotta  | 14.5

served with wild berry sauce and vanilla Ice-cream


Spanish Rose Creme Brulee  | 15.0

served with berry compote, chantilly, and almond shortbread


Limon Tart  | 16.0

zesty orange and lime tart served with passion fruit sauce and bloody orange sorbet


Deconstructed Tiramisu | 16.0

served with candied walnut and Kahlua cream


Affagato  | 16.0

espresso shot served with your choice of liquor and vanilla ice-cream



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